Solar Community Lighting Initiatives

As the sun sets, the darkness peeps into our lives so much that our future becomes thoughtful. It’s time for us to awaken, to illumine our dark homes and give meaning to our thoughtful existence. Hence, Kadamba entered in to “E-Belaku”, the green energy initiative.

E-Belaku is a project to create awareness among the rural people about renewable energy like solar and LED lightings for rural communities and self-help groups (SHG’s). It was launched in Feb. 2009.

Kadamba identified those villages, where our government couldn’t reach till that date. We identified those villages and distributed LED based solar lanterns free of cost to all the villagers, without any discrimination as cast or political faith.

  • We provided solar back-ups for Anti-poaching camps in Dandeli wild life century.
  • Facilitated the hybrid (Solar + Wind) power back-ups for eco-parks in Bangalore city.
  • Donated solar lamps in various part of Karnataka including “Satya sai Park-Whitefield”.
  • Organized many rural programmes with the association of “SUPRA ENERGY- BANGALORE”. (Basically Kadamba has distributed solar based LED lightings for rural households with free of cost).
  • Solar Lanterns have been distributed free of cost in the programmes at Bazarkunang, Soppinahosalli, Metnagadde, Balkur, Vadagar, Ondalasu, Haduvalli, Totadagadde villages of Uttara Kannada district.
  • Covered more than 49 villages under this programme.
  • Apart from this, about 500 solar panels have been distributed free of cost across Karnataka state.
  • The solar kit, the which Kadamba has distributed to the needy people

  • The Solar garden lighting system has been installed by Kadamba free of cost at Satya Sai Park. White Field – Bangalore

  • Provided solar lights for each of the guard and for the camps at “Anty Poching Camps” in Dandeli wild life century (Karnataka Forest Department).

  • Solar lights destributed by Kadamba for all the houses at Metnagadde village of Honnavar on 26-05-2012

  • Mr. Anantkumar Hegde is discussing about other developmental activities in that remote and backward village “Mettnagadde” with DC and ther senior officers of Uttara Kannada district administration

  • Solar lights distribution in “Soppina Hosalli” village at Kumta (Uttara Kannada)
    The chairman of “Cashew development Board, Mr.Vinod Praabhhu and thee Assistant Commissioner of Kumta have been present in that function on 25-09-2011

  • The Solar lightings have been provided a remote village in Sirsi region called “Totada Gadde”

    The President of Sirsi Taluk Panchayat and Accisstant Commissioner of sirsi region have beeen present in that function on 05-08-2012

  • The solar system has been provided for entire Bazar Kunang panchayat people, where there is no electricity connections till today.

    It comes under “Anashi Wild Life Century” Therfore they are totally far away from our regular developmental reach so far. Kadamba is the first organaisation to connect the people by providing the solar connection on 24-07-2011

  • The benificiaries of solar lightings at Balkuru village (Matsya Colony) at Honnavar region in Uttara Kannada on 26-05-2012

  • Shri Anantkumar Hegde is distributing the solar lights for the villagers as well as all the students at “Haduvalli” village of Bhatkal region on 04-08-2012

  • The solar distribution programme at a tribal village called “Uttarakopppa (Vondalasu) ” in Bhatkal region on 04-08-2012

  • The solar lighting distribution programme at “Vaadgar” village of Ankola region on 27-5-2012