Self Help Groups

Numerous villages are still totally out of reach from many government schemes and it is really appalling to see the living conditions of these people. Because of their remote existence amid the dense vegetation of Western Ghats, they are secluded from the mainstream society.

The people living in such areas lack knowledge about the welfare schemes and in addition there are no concerted genuine efforts to reach them either.

The people who live in these remote areas of Uttara Kannada has no or limited access to productive assets, financial resources and social services. Their problems doubled with their illiteracy, poor health care and their vulnerability to natural disasters.


So Kadamba, in its comprehensive approach to reach such populace, incorporated the concept of Self Help Groups through which socio-economic awareness is created. Along with its other outreach programs Kadamba successfully created a whopping 2000 SHG’s. These groups were constantly monitored and guided by the dedicated volunteers of Kadamba. This network of SHG’s in turn acted as the point of contact of community outreach programs.

Kadamba organized many training and awareness camps to all these SHGs and thus reaching to these remote pockets which nobody could replicate it earlier.Kadamba conducted many skill development programs and empowered these groups by introducing financial inclusion schemes like Micro Financing, Micro Crediting. Rural Insurance Schemes which were introduced to these SHGs. Health Referral Service programs were carried out, rigorously.Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Poultry & Goat rearing, Bee keeping, Fisheries, was introduced to the community through these SHGs with the assistance from various government agencies.

  • A meeting of SHG in an open ground near Kalangi village at Sirsi region

  • Joida SHG inauguration

  • One day training for SHG members under NABARD at Horabhag villge -Kumta 19-07-2010

  • One day training programs

  • When Assistant Commissioner visited a SHG in Nidgodu village at Sirsi

  • Training from NABARD for SHG members at Hiregutti village - Kumta

  • Traning program for SHG members at Kodkani village on 16-07-2010 Sponsored by NABARD

  • Traing camp for SHG’s in Siddapur, The AGM of NABARD Mr,Ramesh was present in that training camp

  • Traning program for SHG members at Vaddinakoppa village, Sponsored by NABARD

  • Traning program for SHG members at Kandraji village Sponsored by NABARD

  • Traning program for SHG members at Tadadi village on 13-07-2010 Sponsored by NABARD

  • One day training program at Bidargere village - Kumta

  • SHG cluster meeting photographs

  • Orientation class in cluster level meetings

  • Loan destribution program by Syndicate bank

  • Oam Sai SHG at Dandeli

  • The get together of SHG’s in Dandeli

  • The SHG from Tadadi village in Kumta

  • The SHG members discussing with Kadamba CEO (Mahabaleshwara Naik)

  • The SHG cluster meeting innaugurated by Uttara Kannada MP Anant Kumar Hegde at Dandeli

  • One of the SHG training program in Dandeli