Sandal Wood Development

Propagating "Sandal wood cultivation in agriculture land" is one of our pro-farmer movements in Uttara Kannada district. Many farmers have been cultivating the sandal wood in their agriculture waste land with the guidance and assistance of Kadamba.

  • Kadamba has started the movement for "Sandal Wood cultivation" in 2010. Member of Parliament Shri Anantkumar Hegde is inaugurating the programme in Sirsi More than 200 farmers had participated in this programme.

  • Anantkumar Hegde is addressing the programme.

    The reprecentetives from Karnata state forest deparrtment and from State horticulture department also given guidence to the farmers in this programme

  • One of the Motivation Programme on Sandal wood and agar wood development at Dehalli village (Yellapur) in Uttara Kannada district