Blessed with rich picturesque natural beauty of the coastline of Arabian Sea and lush green mountains of Sahyadri (Western Ghats) ranges, Uttara Kannada District is a feast to the eyes of all those who set their foot here. In this cradle of Mother Nature, the blood stream of the people is needless to say is Agriculture.

Keeping this very important aspect in mind Kadamba Foundation has spared no time and effort in giving a new sense of direction to the farmers in the field of agriculture by introducing a host of modern cash crops to supplement already existing ones.

Though the cash crops such as Areca nut, coconut, banana, mango, pepper, cocoa, cashew etc. have been grown here from ancient times, the modern and more lucrative crops like Agar wood, Lac (Aragu) resin, floriculture, cocoa, rubber etc. have proved nothing less than a blessing.

Kadamba has started promoting various horticulture crops as mixed crops in between major crops like areca nut, Coconut, Mango plantations.

Recently we have taken initiative for small chilly cultivation in Uttara Kannada district.