Health Awareness Campaign

Managing Health and hygiene is the biggest task in rural India. We couldn’t reach more than 50% of our rural mass still. Therefore the NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) programme was launched by Government of India since many years. Instead of that, there are many villages are not aware of such initiatives by the Health department.

Kadamba took the project awareness initiatives and reached each and every corner of the hilly and terrain villages of the Uttara Kannada district through training camps for villagers. Peoples representatives in their own villages. So that, government could reach them and spread the awareness among the rural mass.

Kadamba has been involved in mega health awareness programme through conducting street plays, in all most all the villages by motivating rural youths.

  • The street play performed by Kadamba volunteer Ankola taluk in Uttara Kannada district

  • The training programs conducted by Kadamba in coastal region of Uttara Kannada district with the assistance of district health department, under the NRHM (National Rural Health Programme) programme

  • One of the Capacity building programs conducted by Kadamba in Ankola taluk

  • The members of Village Health Committee are involved in an awareness programmes

  • The awareness programs have been conducted by Kadamba volunteers through involving the people in this movement by adopting innovative methodologies like games and other entertainment avenues