Environment - Betta Balakedaarara Sangha

Protecting environment and conserving our forest is our utmost priority for Kadamba. Since its earlier days, we have been working for the environment through various activities, like, conducting seminars, Street Plays, Socio-Cultural awareness activities, conducting seminars in schools and colleges, new plantation programmes through our self help groups, Agro forestry, and many more.

In 2013, Kadamba took initiatives for formulating “Betta Balakedaarara Sangha” (BBS) in Uttara Kannada district, for conserving the privileged forest (Betta Land) land, which has been given for the areca nut farmers, during the British period. It has got more than 200 years history for this privileged forest land. In local language, it is called as “Betta Land”


Earlier, there was thick natural forest coverage in this land. But, nowadays, the forest coverage’s of this Betta Land is alarmingly decreasing, and becoming grass land, due to negligence and over exploitation of this Betta land.Therefore Kadamba has started a movement for conserving/protecting the betta land with the cooperation of the local Betta land (Privileged forest) owners, in the name of BBS (Betta Balakedaarara Sangha)

Now people have got awareness and coming forward gradually. The local forest department also has joined their hands to develop this holistic pro- environmental approach jointly.


  • Conserving and protecting Betta Land.
  • Providing legal framework for formulating Betta users groups or associations.
  • Increasing the forest density through reforestation programmes with the association of State Forest Department.
  • Aim to develop an income generating community forest by planting new verity of plants, which can help the local economic developmental activities apart from the timber cutting or trading.
  • Discussion with Shri Anantkumar Hegde in BBS meeting

  • The BBS members participated in a seminar in Sirsi

  • The Chief Conservator of Karnataka Forest department is giving his suggestions for conservation of the "Betta" land in Uttara Kannada district

  • A BBS meeting on 26th February 2014 in Sirsi