Creche Centres

Understanding the dynamics of tropical evergreen rain forests of Western Ghats in Uttara Kannada District is a tough job. In the same way, availing the right perspective of everyday life of the people living in this complex terrain is also a challenge. Many villages in these remote, hilly regions are more or less cut off from the external world. Most of the welfare measures, development schemes and other government missions fail to penetrate the thickets of Western Ghats in Uttara Kannada.

The huge geographic region with lush green forest, countless number of wild streams and rivulets, waterfalls and cascades, ridges and gorges are inhabited by people. The rural populace living here are innocent, humble and hard working.


Kadamba foundation aims to enhance the living condition of these people by providing the necessary guidance, training, and all possible assistances and is working for the native people irrespective of caste, community or religion.The activities of the foundation can be observed in all fields. According to the founder of Kadamba, Honourable Shri Anantkumar Hegde…

“Development is a natural process of finding the appropriate path with positive frame of mind and executing the structural psychology according to the timely needs of our society and fulfilling the requirements of the mass by upholding the values of life”

Shishu Vihar - The Kadamba Shishu Vihar

In the mountainous territory of the district, Kadamba Foundation in association with Union Government’s Social Welfare Board and along with the active participation of the native people initiated its ambitious project “Kadamba Shishu Vihar”. Initially it all began with a solitary centre with an experimental model of an ad-hoc kind and now has grown-up to a staggering 25 crèches in different far-flung areas. This is a big success story to flaunt.

  • Hitherto 6,500 kids have completed their learning in these centres.
  • Mid-day meals, clothes along with medicines and treatments all provided free of cost.
  • Numerous awareness programs for parent community about various aspects like parenting, nourishing, healthcare, culture etc.
  • Majority of the kids in these centres are from tribal, schedule caste and backward community.
  • Overcoming the challenges of the hilly topography, school busses were provided for the kids.
  • Landakana Halli Centre - Sirsi

  • Godnal Centre - Mundgod

  • Danagana Kopppa Centre

  • Kogodu Centre - Sirsi

  • Marathwada Centre - Mundgod

  • Sahasralli Centre - Sirsi

  • Halasinakatta Centre - Sirsi

  • Korlakatta Centre - Sirsi

  • Balehadda Centre - Yellapur

  • Haliyal Centre

  • Kalekari Centre - Mundgod

  • Creche centre at Banavasi(B) - Sirsi

  • Creche centre at Banavasi(A) – Sirsi

  • Halageri Centre - Siddapur

  • Belavatagi Centre - Haliyal

  • Arasibailu Centre - Siddapur

  • Tigani Centre - Sirsi

  • Yadoga Centre - Haliyal

  • Subhas nagar Centre - Dandeli

  • The training for teachers of Kadamba creche centres

  • One of the annual day function at Kadamba creche centre on 2-10-2005

  • Annual day function at Halsinakatta village

  • Annual day function at Yellapur

  • Annual day function at Banavasi(B) centre on 13-08-2009

  • Providing mid daay meal for creche children

  • Parents meeting in a crèche centre at Yellapur