Communicative English Awareness Programme

First time in Uttara Kannada District Kadamba planned to celebrate “English Habba.” Nowadays, English language has become an essential part of our life, of course someone may oppose the idea, but no one can deny that the English is very much needed in our day to day life.

Therefore, The Kadamba planned to have a big awareness programme, particularly in rural areas where the students are comparatively introverts to expose themselves at various creative platforms because they are not as efficient in English language as the other urban students are. Therefore, Kadamba focused on the rural areas nearby Sirsi to ensure the maximum utilization of this programme.

We are really obliged to the Lions Club Sirsi and Rotary Club Sirsi for supporting us and we are thankful to Akshay foundation Hubli for their kind co-operations.

As a result, more than 2000 students participated in outdoor event “English Habba” at Lions school.

Many students performed English drama, group dances, recited their poems and many more. The whole day was enjoyed parents, participants and the audience.

Ultimately, we were able to send a message to all English lovers that the English is not a headache; rather it’s an enjoyable knowledge.

  • The very first preparatory and motivation programme on communicative English awareness Programme in Sirsi. With association of Lions club of Sirsi

  • The teachers training programme for Community english awareness programme with the guidence of Vidyaposhak organaisation of Dharwad

  • The unique programme organised by Kadamba with the association of Lions Club of Sirsi

    Where everybody had to speak in English only. Even parents, ice-cream vendors and everybody

  • Few photographs of English Habba

  • The Honble Member of Parliament and Chairman of Kadamba foundation, Shri Anantkumar Hegde motivating the students that,

    "English is not a tough launguage
    It’s a launguage of knowledge
    and very friendly launguage"

  • Few News clippings